Vahrstor is the 2nd target in Raiden Fighters and later a boss on stage 35 of Raiden Fighters Jet. It is a giant flying battleship with a bunch of fighters guarding it and an array of turrets.


You'll start on the left wing, destroying the propellers and turrets while a bunch of fighters come to defend the ship. After that you fly to the back where the tail will then be attacked and the defensive forces there will be destroyed. Then you fly to the right wing and attack the propellers and defensive forces there, you'll then fly to the left wing (after killing the forces at the front) to massacre the remaining forces there. You'll fly to the bottom to kill all the fighters there and any surviving engines before facing the core. After you attack the front, wing, and back, you will face the main core.

In Raiden Fighters Jet, you fight it the same way, except that before you strike the main core turret, the Hummingbird miniboss appears.


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