The Raiden Project, originally released in Japan as simply Raiden Project (雷電プロジェクト) is a port of the arcade games Raiden and Raiden II to the PlayStation. It was released in North America as an original launch title on September 9, 1995, in Japan on January 27, 1995 and in Europe in November 1995. This was the only console release of Raiden II.

Additions in the port=Edit

  • The opening animation is a 3D rendering of the player's ship taking on the first stage boss.
  • Raiden Project includes a Horizontal Mode. Users of widescreen format televisions / monitors can turn their sets vertical and play the game in its proper arcade aspect ratio, though doing this can damage the monitors/TV.
  • The conversion includes difficulty settings, credit limits, remixed music, on screen text positioning and the ability to save high scores with a memory card.

Secrets Edit

There are three animations, the other two are Secrets. The first one shows the Raiden Mk-II/Beta Destroying the Spider Walker. The First Secret beginning shows the fighter kamikazing into the Walker while the Second Secret beginning shows the fighter getting shot down with the Walker laughing and leaving the screen.

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