The Slave is an item that appears exclusively in the Raiden Fighters series as the following turrets of the fighter you select.

The Slave is also a hidden fighter in all the Raiden Fighters titles, by entering a cheat code while putting the select box on one of the fighters.

As Power-upsEdit

The Slave appear commonly in Raiden Fighters as items, in which they can perform four different attack methods, including flying to an enemy and rapid fire it, soar left and right, etc. But, however, Slaves can be damaged, but have multiple lives to keep them alive.


Slaves have also been known as being the altered hidden fighter of any ship in the game (except for the Miclus [whose slave is the Fairy], Fairy [which is the Slave edition of the Miclus], and Slaves themselves [which tend to duplicate itself]), and have no missile attack. However, it has a rapid firing main cannon that spreads out the more you power up. The Slaves inherit the speed of the fighters they normally accompany. They use other Slave ships like themselves as their own Slaves. In the first Raiden Fighters, all Slaves, regardless of the fighter they normally accompany, use Firestar Bombs. They inherit the speed and the bombs of the fighter they normally accompany in RF2/RFJ. This is the best all-around fighter in the series. Some players consider the Slave a cheap player craft, though.


Raiden Fighters series: The Slave appears in all 3 Raiden Fighters titles as hidden altered versions of regular ships, which they have different coloring, but take up the same Slave shape. Slaves also appear in Xeno Fighters EX that match the color scheme of every ship in the game (except Zapdos, as his slaves are Arcticuno and Moltress).

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