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The Sand Storm, as seen in Raiden II.

The Sand Sotrm is the name of a major recurring enemy in the main Raiden series. Despite being a regular enemy, the Sand Storm unit requires multiple shots (about 30 or more) to bring down.


The Sand Storm is an armored enemy that fires three shots at the same time, and are quite faster than standard enemy shots. As told, the drone requires a multiple amount of shots to bring down. But however, multiple shots are only from the Vulcan firepower, but the Laser firepower at maximum can take down a single unit in one shot.


The Sand Storm appears in all five Raiden titles, appearing as a heavy enemy (not a boss unit). They are uncommon in some parts of the Raiden levels, but sometimes, they appear in a small group of up to three. When increasing the difficulty of a game in the newer titles, the Sand Storms can reload faster.


The Sand Storm, as it appeared in Raiden X. Notice like the Payak Colossus Tekniikan, the drone is larger than it's original counterpart.