Richard Maxwell is one of the main supporting characters from Raiden V. He is your superior in command of the fighting thunders, and speaks about coffee in nearly every mission.


Richard have always loved the sky and airplanes, and so he decided to join the military, believing this would allow him to fly as much as he wanted. His views suddenly shifted once the war against the crystals began, as he was forced to fight on many bloody battles which costed the lives of many of his comrades. He grew a deep grudge against war, eventually starting a heated argument agianst a superior after a failed attack which caused the death of two of his closest friends.

Richard would face court-martial for insubordination but ended absolved of all charges. Though he stayed in the military, rumours had that his superiors were trying to get rid of him, assigning him to dangerous missions. He was eventually assigned as the captain of the Bellwether, a new ship using experimental technology, commanding the Fighting Thunders on the frontlines of the war.