Ani Raiden mk-II
Raiden Fighting Thunder Mk ii
Raiden mk-II (a.k.a Fighting Thunder mk-II) is the protagonist ship of the popular Raiden series.

First appearing as the P1 ship in Raiden II, the Raiden mk-II had many appearances in the Raiden sequels as well, and has thus became the [unofficial] mascot of the Raiden Series.


The Raiden mk-II uses the same weapons that were used initially by the Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter, such as the Vulcan Cannon (its default weapon), the Ion Laser, the Nuclear and Homing Missile, and Thermonuclear Bomb. However, unlike its predecessor, the Raiden mk-II uses several newly introduced weapons, such as the lock-on, Plasma "Toothpaste" Laser, Cluster Bomb, and the traditional Thermonuclear Bomb (in Raiden Fighters). The fighter is normally red, although in Raiden X, it changes color when obtaining a different main firepower, for example if the Ion Laser is collected, the fighter will change to blue, giving it the mistakable appearance of the Raiden mk-IIβ.


Raiden Mk II Toy
The Raiden mk-II's debut was in Raiden II. The Raiden mk-II's counterpart ship is the Raiden mk-IIβ, which both start out with the Vulcan firepower.

The Raiden mk-II returns in the PS2 revival of the Raiden series, Raiden III, when it was last seen in Raiden DX, the same firepower, but a little more detailed than it's retro depictions. It has also appeared in Raiden IV and is expected to return in the upcoming Raiden V.

In Raiden Fighters and it's sequels, the Raiden mk-II makes a cameo appearance as a playable ship (in some versions, you have to unlock it, while in others, it is playable from the start of the game without cheats). But unlike the main Raiden series, the Raiden mk-II's power set is the Purple Pulse firepower, then upgrades to the full version of the Plasma lock-on firepower.

In Raiden X, a fan game that is nearly identical to Raiden II, the Raiden II mostly unchanged, however the main difference is that every time when the fighter obtains a different main firepower, it changes fighter colors.

The Raiden mk-II, along with the Raiden mk-IIβ, also make cameo appearances in DemonStar as playable ships and reprise their description from Raiden II & DX with very few changes.

18781-DemonStar Secret Missions

The Raiden mk-II and Raiden mk-IIβ blasting their ways through a small group of enemies in DemonStar.

In other mediaEdit

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The Raiden mk-II, in it's toy form released in the Shooting Game Historica #3 collection.

The Raiden mk-II ship appears as a fighter model manufactured by Seibu Kaihatsu, it also appears in the Shooting Game Historica Vol. 3 Addition as one of the collectible models.

The Raiden mk-II along with a few other Raiden fighters like Judge Spear, make cameos as playable ships in a game known as Xeno Fighters EX, and it's remake, Xeno Fighters EX-R, created by JudgeSpear, the same creator of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.


  • The Raiden mk-II first appeared in Raiden II, respectively. But in Raiden, there is a ship that looks somewhat strikingly similar to the Raiden mk-II. This is possibly, the predecessor of the Raiden mk-II, which is known as the Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter.

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