Raiden IV: Overkill is an updated version of Raiden IV released by MOSS for the PlayStation 3 and Windows. This version includes two new missions, 3 fighter types, a new OverKill Mode, and a Replay&Gallery Mode. Addition Mode includes 7 rearranged stages, without mission stage bonus.


  • Fighting Thunder ME-02: This is a very balanced ship, suitable for all players. Weapon strength and movement speed are average. Its bomb can instantly clear the whole screen's enemy bullets.
  • Raiden mk-II: This is the classic Raiden ship that is more suitable for experienced players. Weapon damage is high but movement is slower. Its bomb takes a moment to land but does a great deal of damage.
  • Fairy: The Fairy is a tricky character to use. It's attacks are very different from the Raiden ships and it's movement speed is much faster. Its bomb calls for assistance from friendly faireies and attacks all enemies on the screen.

Overkill ModeEdit

In OverKill Mode, if you destroy a medium-sized or bigger enemy, an "OverKill meter" will appear. While in this state, you can keep attacking the enemy and its "OverKill meter" will fill up. The more damage you can do to it before time runs out, the greater score bonus you will get.

In OverKill mode, you are able to collect Score Medals, awarded based on how much damage was done to an enemy while its "OverKill meter" is still up, as well as Score Rings, awarded for defeating enemies quickly as they appear. Gold Rings are worth 3000pts. Silver Rings are worth 1000pts.

1 CountrysideExerey IssLightning Strikes -Shinji Hosoe mix-
2 CityOrdo, Fulas and MairazardTragedy Flam -Kou Hayashi mix-
3 OceanFamel YaConflict -INH mix-
A Overkill Mission 1 Heavy Enemy Raid
4 RuinsAguen and EwatFlap Toward the Hope -WASi303 mix-
5 Floating ContinentDa RuturaAll or Nothing
B Overkill Mission 2 Heavy Enemy Raid
6 Space StationIsdogaramDepression
7 Enemy Huge BattleshipHorda GardiaAdvantageous Development
EX Final BaseHorda GestoradaRepeated Tragedy



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