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Raiden II (雷電II Raiden Tsū) is a 1993 vertical scrolling shooter arcade game developed by Seibu Kaihatsu. It is the second game in the Raiden series of vertical scrolling shooter arcade games and a direct sequel to the original Raiden.


Three years have passed since the events of the first game, and the enemy, which had temporarily lost its power, was regaining its mighty strength. The battle became even more intense, and the Earth was gradually overrun by the enemy. In order to overcome this situation, the World Allied Forces developed a new craft, the Raiden II, which had more mobility than the previous model and was equipped with two new weapons.


あれから三年、一時は勢力を駆めた敵も再びその強大な戦力を取り戻しつつあった。戦いは更に激しくなり、地球は次第に敵に制圧ぎれていった。この戦況を打開ずるために、世界連合軍は新兵器“プラスマレーザー "と“拡散ボンバー”を搭載し、更に機動性の増した"雷電II"上を開発した。[1]

Are kara san-nen, ichiji wa seiryoku o ka meta teki mo futatabi sono kyōdaina senryoku o torimodoshitsutsu atta. Tatakai wa sarani hageshiku nari, chikyū wa shidaini teki ni seiatsu girete itta. Kono senkyō o dakai zuru tame ni, sekai rengō-gun wa shin heiki “purasumarēzā" to “kakusan bonbā” o tōsai shi, sarani kidō-sei no mashita "RAIDEN II"-jō o kaihatsu shita.


Gameplay screenshot

Raiden II features the same type of gameplay from its predecessor, introducing two new weapons to the returning loadout from the first Raiden game:

  • Bend Plasma: A new weapon for the Raiden II, it starts as a rapid-firing forward shot. Continuing to shoot this weapon overcharges it and turns it into a continuous plasma beam that locks onto a target and can lock on to additional targets as well, dealing damage to all affected targets simultaneously.
  • Diffusion Bomber[2]: A new special attack for the Raiden II, it is a cluster bomb that covers a wide area, deploys immediately, and damages targets while clearing away enemy bullets.


Stage Name Boss Name[3] Earth Code Name[3] BGM
1 Countryside Zelzerei Se Full Walker (×2) Repeated Tragedy
2 City Geldobird (Upper)
Nouzard (Lower)
Albatross Tragedy Flame
3 Ocean Dal Yar Battle Axe All or Nothing
4 Ruins Balg Thunder Fortress Burnt Field
5 Enemy Terrestrial Base Harkestal (First form)
Arvey (Second form)
Gelmes (Third form)
Black Bird Depression
6 Floating Continent Meshky Delarz Graphite Decisive Battle
7 Enemy Huge Battleship Hosorg Taline Huge Satellite Flap Towards the Hope
8 Final Attack Target Gharb Gadim Mother Haven Tragedy Flame


Raiden II was ported to Windows by Kinesoft and Microsoft Corporation. The Windows version uses Redbook audio for music. In addition, this game and the original Raiden were released for the PlayStation as The Raiden Project.


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