Raiden II (雷電II Raiden Tsū) is a 1993 vertical scrolling shooter arcade game that was developed by Seibu Kaihatsu. It was the second game in the Raiden series of vertical scrolling shooter arcade games that started with Raiden.

Plot Edit

The year was 2093. Three years after the World Alliance Military is triumphant over the Cranassian invasion force, the remaining aliens on Earth have created an army to carry out their original mission to conquer the planet. To combat the collaborative army, a new weapon is developed for the Raiden - the ship designed to save the Earth three years ago - to use in another attempt to save our planet.


1199805366-raiden2 3

The Raiden mk-II fighting a slew of enemies in Stage 1 of Raiden II.

This game expanded on the original formula with enhanced graphics and two new weapons (Plasma Beam, which can lock on to a target but does damage slowly; Cluster Bomb, which does less damage than regular bombs but strikes a larger area).

Aircraft Edit

Weapons Edit

Like the first game, the Raiden starfighter is able to use a wide variety of old and newly introduced weapons:

Primary Edit

These are the initial weapons the Raiden Mk-II uses.

  • Vulcan Cannon: The default weapon of the Raiden Mk-II, a simple cannon that fires small, red shots. It is indicated by red power-ups. When upgraded, the spread will increase on the number of shots, allowing the cannon to hit a wider amount of enemies.
  • Ion Laser: Probably the most powerful of the three primary weapons, it is a long beam that can penetrate a number of enemies and deal a large amount of damage. It is indicated by blue power-ups. When upgraded, the length and number of streams fired increases until it becomes one huge beam at maximum.
  • Plasma "Toothpaste" Laser: The newest primary weapon introduced, it initially behaves similar to the Vulcan Cannon, but after processing, with gradually becomes a beam of plasma that will lock on to nearby enemies, giving it a toothpaste-like appearance. While it has the best accuracy of all the primary weapons, it has the lowest damage output. It is indicated by purple power-ups. When upgraded, the width of the beam and damage output will increase. The beam yields very little points per hit, 10 merely although when not a full-beam it earns several 10s of pts per hit, implies perhaps there is a significant damage loss traded with the utility of locking onto a target & being able to hit them from very wide angles, which is far safer for the player.

Secondary Edit

These two weapons consist of missiles and will fire spontaneously with the primary weapons.

  • Nuclear Missiles: These missiles move nearly straightforward and upon impact, deal a devastating amount of damage. They are indicated by a yellow "M" power-up. Upon upgrading, the size and number of missiles fired will increase.
  • Homing Missiles: The missiles will track down any nearby enemies and seek to destroy them, while they are more accurate than their nuclear counterparts, they, however, deal less damage. They are indicated by a green "H" power-up. Upon upgrading, the size, the number of missiles fired, and the frequency of firing will increase.

Bombs Edit

Like its predecessor, the Raiden Mk-II is capable of deploying bombs.

  • Thermonuclear Bomb: The basic bomb from the original Raiden. When deployed, it will destroy all enemies and significantly damage any bosses within its explosion radius. They are indicated by a red "B" power-up.
  • Cluster Bomb: The new type of bomb introduced into the game. When deployed, it will release several more bombs when exploding, which will cover a wider area unlike its original counterpart, they, however, deal less damage. They are indicated by a yellow "B" power-up.

Other Weapons Edit

Occasionally, when a certain cargo ship or container is destroyed, instead of the usual weapon power-up that is usually released, a black "P" power-up will drop instead. When collected, it will fully upgrade all weapons currently equipped by the Raiden Mk-II.

Miscellaneous Items Edit

Like the previous game, there are several other types of pick-ups available after destroying certain enemies or scenery.

  • Medals: The most common item that appears upon certain enemy/scenery destruction, as one would assume, they increase the score of the player by 500 points (small) or by 3000 points (large). On very rare occasions, a character will appear in place of the medals, collecting this will grant the player a huge bonus of 10000 points
  • Extra Life: They are no extra life from accumulated points at the rest of the game onward. Instead, only 1UP can be found within crate at the rest of the game (very rare frequency).


1 CountrysideDeath WalkersRepeated Tragedy
2 CityAlbatrossTragedy Flame
3 OceanBattle AxeAll or Nothing
4 RuinsThunder FortressBurnt Field
5 Enemy Terrestrial BaseBlack BirdDepression
6 Floating ContinentGraphiteDecisive Battle
7 Enemy Huge BattleshipHuge SatelliteFlap Towards the Hope
8 Final Attack TargetMother HavenTragedy Flame


Raiden II was ported to Windows by Kinesoft and Microsoft Corporation. The Windows version uses Red Book audio for music. In addition, this game and the original Raiden were released for the PlayStation as The Raiden Project.


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