Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive is a 1997 scrolling shooter arcade game by Seibu Kaihatsu. It is the direct sequel to Raiden Fighters, which is part of the Raiden scrolling shooter game legacy. This game shares the same intense gameplay as its predecessor, as well as expanding on the concepts that defined it. It is followed by Raiden Fighters Jet, the third and final game so far in the series.

The later Raiden Fighters 2 - 2000 Operation Hell Dive clone runs on cheaper hardware and features notoriously inferior sound than the original. A newer single-board version was released for the US market. This version of Raiden Fighters 2 is a stand-alone version that has all fighters available immediately, unlike Korean vertically shoot'em up Oriental Soft and Promat's 1945k III Video Game version the straight rip-off of Psikyo's Strikers 1945 III.


Four years have passed since the defeat of Cranassian Dictator's Military. Dictator and his remnant forces had been routed and overthrown from power, and the roles of government forces and rebels are reversed. Rebels have now gained power and declared a new government system and for a time everything went smoothly. Not the type of one to resign to their fates however, the usurped dictator and his military forces continued to fight against the new government: regional skirmishes were occurring everywhere in Cranass. Eventually Dictator's military unified under the old leadership of the ousted dictator, declared a new nation (an unrecognized state) and utilized the four years' time very well to produce and develop array of new state-of-the-art arsenals.

After four years the ousted Dictator's military rose once again and attacked the new Cranassian government with the newly built forces and weaponry, triggering the Second Great Cranassian War. In response to these surprise attacks, the newfound government recalls the previous pilots of Raiden Fighters squadron into action once again, outfitted with their own retooled ordnance and arsenals and launched an operation to destroy the former dictator's military. It is at this period Cranassians developed their first Ion-powered Jet fighters. Hell Diver was one such jet.

The operation is called Hell Dive.


Like most games in the shoot 'em up genre, Raiden Fighters 2 has simplistic controls. A Fire button shoots the player craft's weaponry. A Bomb button unleashes an attack that deals massive damage to all enemy targets caught in its blast, as well as nullify enemy firepower. Bombing is most often used as a panic attack to save the player from death. A new feature introduced in Raiden Fighters 2 is the Hybrid Attack, available only during a two-player game. This attack is initiated by both players unleashing their charged special attacks near simultaneously while within very close proximity within each other. Scoring has been given a significant upgrade from the first game. Medals, bonus items that increase player score, appear far more frequently in Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive.


There are a total of seven stages, divided into three Missions. Stage environments include swamps, beaches, and high in the sky on a strafing run against very large bombers. Each of the first two Missions ends in a long boss encounter. The first two stages in these Missions are randomly ordered. The final Mission pits the player against an attack base and an experimental attack aircraft as bosses.

1A Allied Air BaseTurbine ControllerAlly Frontline Base Stage
1B SwampSeed SkaterArachi Stage
1C Enemy Supply TrainViolet HeadEnemy Supply Base
2A High AltitudeHummingbird XB-3High Altitude Stage
2B OceanGust WeaselOcean Stage
2C DesertSand LobsterDesert Stage
3 Underground Enemy BaseRafflesia II
Red Eye
Enemy Base Core Stage


The seven standard aircraft in this game are mostly overhauls of their original Raiden Fighters incarnations. Some craft had their secondary weapons switched around, while others had theirs revamped. The rest are new to this game, complete with new weaponry. There are even more secret fighters available in the game. This game makes use of a time-release feature that makes more fighters available for play depending how long the arcade machine had been running since initial boot-up. Several newer single-PCB versions of the game eliminate the time-release feature outright and make all the fighters available for selection immediately. Secret ships include the Miclus (a collectible score item) and the second-player colored variation of the Raiden mk-II and Judge Spear, each with different weaponry and attributes than their counterparts. All but two of the hidden craft in this game reappear in the sequel Raiden Fighters Jet.


The music of Raiden Fighters 2 is composed in the techno style with some instances of drum and bass (the theme of the boss stages). The soundtrack was composed by Go Satoh. His past works include the soundtracks of Raiden II, parts of Raiden DX, Viper Phase 1, Senkyu (Battle Balls in the USA), and the first Raiden Fighters.

References to the Original Raiden GamesEdit

In addition to their roles in the Raiden Fighters series, the Miclus and Fairy are also pick-ups in the original Raiden series. The Miclus gives the player 10,000 points (50,000 in Raiden DX if the player picks it up while it jumps). The Fairy gave the player 10,000 points and released power-ups when the player dies. When playing a two-player game using both Raiden ships, a classic trick from the original Raiden series appears. When the Raiden mk-IIβ shoots the Raiden mk-II, the Raiden mk-IIβ's shots turn into very damaging star-shaped projectiles with their trajectories changed into random directions covering a wide arc in front of the Raiden mk-II. This trick is also present in Raiden Fighters Jet.

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