Nuclear Missiles are a secondary weapon originally introduced in the Raiden Series. They are a pair of long, straightforward missiles that cause notably devastating explosions on impact with enemies or bosses. Indicated by a yellow "M" power-up beacon, these are one of two possible secondary weapon options available from the original Raiden up to Raiden IV, the other being the Homing Missiles.

Description Edit

In nearly all its appearances since its debut, the nuclear missiles are a pair of 2-4 (depending on upgrade level), yellow missiles that travel straightforward or at an spread angle. They can be obtained by a yellow "M" beacon that is held inside selected crates throughout each level. Upon making contact with any enemy, they will unleash a significantly large explosion and damage any nearby enemies within its blast radius. When upgraded Nuclear Missile, the firepower, fire rate, size of the missiles will increased.

Performance Edit

The power packed into the nuclear missiles is significantly devastating for such a secondary weapon even when they aren't upgraded. While they are not capable of destroying some of the larger enemies instantly, they are able to significantly damage them. When the explosion released by the missile is released, the spread of it will reach out and damage any nearby enemies, although dealing less damage than the one the missile makes contact.

The main weakness to the nuclear missiles is probably the accuracy, as the missiles do not home onto nearby enemies like other secondary counterparts. The spread of the missiles is mediocre as well, with the missiles angling only sightly before traveling straightforward. The spread however, can be improved slightly by upgrading the missiles to make their bigger size and to increase the number of missiles from 2 to 4 missiles after being fired.