Miclus (ミクラス mikurasu) is Seibu Kaihatsu's mascot. It served roles in Seibu's library of games as a boss enemy, collectible items and game secrets. Its most notable role is as a secret playable character in Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive and Raiden Fighters Jet.


In Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive and Raiden Fighters Jet, Miclus is a playable character. Its weapon is highly damaging fireballs. The weapon requires just four "M" or "L" powerups to fully power it up. Its bomber is a flamethrower that the player can bend by moving left and right. Unlike other bombers, this one does not destroy enemy bullets.


  • Wiz (1985):In this old sidescroller arcade game by Seibu Kaihatsu, Miclus appears as a familiar the player can summon. A giant version of it also appears as the final boss.
  • Raiden series: Miclus is a rare collectible item that appears in place of medals occasionally.
  • Raiden Fighters series: In all three games, Miclus is a secret that holds 9 medals, which are released when the player shoots him, granting 100,000 points in the end. In the second and third games, Miclus is a playable character.


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