Ani Ixion

The Ixion is a special fast-paced fighter built as part of the XTF Project. It appears in Raiden Fighters Jet as a new fighter with unique special abilities.

Design Edit

The Ixion is a jet fighter, designed with the latest technologies.

The Ixion's wings are forward-swept, a configuration in which the quarter-chord line of the wing has a forward sweep. This wing can give the aircraft excellent agility and maneuverability. In each of these is a gun and pylons for its missiles. It also uses canards for stability.

Operational History Edit

Ixion model

A wire frame model of the Ixion.

The Ixion was developed as part of the XTF project.

After testing was complete, the Ixion saw its first mission. In this mission, it was to attack a facility occupied by hostile forces with the other Raiden Fighters. After destroying the surrounding forces, the Ixion chased down and destroyed the XTF-01 experimental bomber and shot down its on-board cruise missile before it struck an urban area.[1]


The Ixion's weapons are pretty similar to some of the previous fighters from Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive, for instance, the Ixion's missiles are fully powered-up versions of the Dark Swords with the charged attack sending a barrage of these missiles, but the lasers for the Ixion are thin purple versions of the laser of Raiden II, and the charge attack is four purple giga lasers being fired all at once, making this a powerful full-flexed fighter.



The Ixion in the opening mode select of Raiden Fighters Jet.

Raiden Fighters series: The Ixion appears only in Raiden Fighters Jet as a fast and somewhat powerful fighter, and appears in the game's opening as well.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ixion's overall appearance is based on the Sukhoi Su-47 experimental fighter as well as sharing some similarities with the Grumman X-29


  1. Final Mission of Raiden Fighters Jet

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