The Invasion of Uruguay was a large-scale attack executed by the Contaminated Weapons, human military technology hijacked and controlled by the Cranassian Crystals. The incident would lead to creation of the International Peace Defense Force

The Attack Edit

The Armed Forces of Uruguay were quick to respond to the incoming attacks, defending the nation to the last man. But try as they might, the Contaminated Weapons continued to fight until the defending forces were entirely destroyed.

In the ensuing onslaught, the Weapons began targeted government facilities in Montevideo and television stations to devastating effect. Their targets would be completely wiped out. For a time, it would seem the Uruguay would be destroyed.

South America's Counteroffensive Edit

Alarmed by the sudden destruction of Uruguay and fearing expansion of it, the nations of South America, particularly Brazil and Argentina. quickly formed a joint task force and launched a rapid counterattack with the goal of liberating and restoring Uruguay.

The resulting campaign lasted several months. In September: Uruguay's neighboring nations successfully repelled Crystal-infected arsenals and reclaimed Uruguay after several months of bloody and savage battle.

Aftermath Edit

Watching this fight, the world proceeds to establish International Peace Defense Force. Its mission would be to purge all the infesting Crystals of Earth and cooperate with UN.

Tragically, Uruguay would not be the last nation to come under attack, as 12 major cities of the world and 6 more countries fell victim to destruction caused by Crystals prior to the birth of the IPDF.