Horda Gestorada is the true final boss of Raiden IV and is a fortress upgrade of the final boss from Raiden II, Mother Haven, which is a high upgrade of the boss with improved AI, and a battleship. Unlike Mother Haven, however, Horda Gestorada is a hovercraft, and not the traditional fortress-type.


Phase IEdit

Horda Gestorada starts up its defensive mechanisms of side turrets which launch numerous projectiles around the screen. They may be destroyed, but critically damaging the blue field will destroy all turrets during phase transition. A few rail tanks will also attack during the fight.

Phase IIEdit

Horda Gestorada activates the Red Crystal, generating numerous smaller crystals to launch projectiles at the enemies. The phase ends when all of the small crystals are destroyed.

Phase IIIEdit

Horda Gestorada goes critical and launches numerous projectiles around the screen while spinning rapidly. It does not possess much health and a well-timed bomb and focused fire should destroy it before it can kill the player.

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