Final Weapon (unnoficial name) is the true final boss in the Pc-Engine version of Super Raiden, its a Cranassian Carrier Spaceship specialized to mine Red Crystals from another Dimension, with 2 Claws, Gun Armamaents and one Escape Ship to fight back.

Encounter Edit


The Final Boss can be seen below on the Final Stage.

The Final Boss will be encounter at the Mining showing its own Silhouette on the mining zones of the deep space area of the Cranassian Last Fortress. As seen here, the silhouette reveals as the Cranassian's last hope and final of the defensive lines before it launches from the Last Fortress

Phase I Edit

The First Phase in this fight are the Claws, the claws fires bullets and lasers and will target your direction, this can be destroyed easily with Missile Launchers, but this are preferred to Homing Missiles if you don't want to get reached by those claws, once the claws are destroyed, you will fight the Spaceship itself.

Phase II Edit

At this point, you will battle the entire Ship itself, its armed with numerous bullet barrage, and the guns can be destroyed, with all the guns destroyed the main gun will be vulnerable, once all guns and the main gun is destroyed, you can aim for the ship's cockpit, the Ship's cockpit gun fires similar to the Desert Spider but in a more sped-up manner pattern, once the Ship is ENTIRELY Destroyed, the Ship will launch the Escape Pod within it and the Mothership will fadly dim black and fall.

Final Phase (Phase III) Edit

This is the last moment where the small ship attacks you clockwise and very fast, save some bombs for this boss fight and the patterns of this boss are erratically shooting bullets at you, also this ship has middle HP that can be easily destroyed by 3 bombs and a swarm spam of Missile Launchers.


Trivia Edit

  • This is the first final boss to have a boss as an Encounter to the stage, then on later Raiden Sequels its reveals to have the encounter before Battling them head on
  • the Space Debris from the Final Weapon is somehow hinting us that the Cranassians from Earth used this design for the Bosses on Raiden II to Raiden V onwards, implicating that the boss was the entire design of all Cranassian Units.
  • the Final Fortress (Stage 10 from the PCE) is destroyed from the PC-Engine Version of Raiden, showing that the last stage features alot of defenses and a Mining Zone to craft Red Crystals.
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