Ani Fairy
Raiden Fairy
The Fairy is a magical humanoid creature that appears in the Raiden series as either an item, or, in the case of the Raiden Fighters sequels, a playable character that has the power of the Miclus, but not as strong.


In Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive and it's sequel, the Fairy's powers are basically the same as Miclus, but only for the Blue flames firepower, which is somewhat stronger than the Miclus, but the Blue Flames is the only attack it uses, except for a powered-up version of the Miclus' bomb.



Concept Art from Raiden III

The Fairy appears in every Raiden installment, including spin-offs, but in Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive and it's sequel, the Fairy is a hidden fighter to select from, and because of it's small size, it easily dodges more bullets than other fighters.

At the end of Raiden III, it is revealed that the Fighting Thunder ME-02 was actually a Fairy which took its shape by merging with a crashed Raiden-like ship to fight the Cranassians.

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