Doreineji Core is the final boss (Penultimate Boss of the PCE Version) of the original 1990 Raiden vertical shooter. It is a Multipurpose Tank Unit with a Red Crystal as the last line of defense, once the Tank is shut down the Cranassians will be gone for good as well as their base exploded into Extinction.


Doreineji Core is a green module with a Red Crystal contained inside. It fights in a traditional manner to many bosses by firing a few random bullets across parts of the stage, with some areas where the player won't be hit, which makes the Doreineji Core an easier boss to fight. If done with a Speed kill the ENTIRE Fortress itself will be destroyed Instantly!

Story Edit

With the Fighters reaching the final base, the Cranassians knew their doom, as the fighters reach the core target, they held the Doreineji as their last tank unit, it serves as a Factory for the Cranassian units, and its one of the main core of the Cranassians made, if its destroyed, all Cranassians living will be obliterated and thus, extinction, however its remains were in earth and the souls of the Cranassians were in the Red Crystals, seeking revenge on their next attack.

Encounter Edit

The final boss will wait towards the core of the Cranassian Empire, which the main of the Cranassian's last stronghold, the tank will shoot 8 directions from the start and the Machinery will add the tank some Side Skirt Armor, After reaching the main core it will stabilize its defenses with more gun emplacements, In order to evade this, this cam be prevented by Starburst attack allowing the boss to instantly destroy the entire fortress.

Speedkill tips Edit

It is possible to destroy this boss quickly if you have the Laser and the Homing missile, this is also works if you have the Missile Launcher equipped.

Trivia Edit

  • Once this boss is destroyed, it will cause the whole base to shut down and explode.
  • In the PCE Version of Raiden, this boss serves as an Penultimate Boss as the mission won't be over as there are 2 more Stages or Fortress to be destroyed, this also means that the Cranassians built another Space Fortresses to build more units.
  • The Cranassian logo can be seen through the base during this boss fight. The boss itself also sports the same logo.
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