Death Walkers are the first stage boss from Raiden II.


Death Walker is a pair of tank-like mechs with four mechanical legs for moving. It fires standard energy orbs, but also has another firepower, the Spinning razor vulcan, which is much more deadly than it's standard firepower, as the two energy razors start to separate and fly in different directions, which slims the player's chance of survival against the mechanical beast's razors. To make matters worse, the mech also unleashes a minor energy orb explosion when firing it's Spinning razor vulcan, which slims the player's chances of survival by even less.


  • The Walker attacks similarly to Desert Spider, the original first boss of Raiden, shooting a spread of bullets before firing a few straight bullets and also having a second one. The difference is that the pair of bosses in Raiden don't move diagonally and don't shoot two bullet waves after the spread shot.
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