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Blue Javelin is the blue counterpart of the Judge Spear from Viper Phase 1 as the 2P ship.


The powers of the Blue Javelin are basically the same as Judge Spear, only that in the Raiden Fighters series: it's sub-weapon is Burst Concussion Missiles, and the Judge Spear's is Napalm missiles. It also has more spread and less speed than the Judge Spear in the RF series.


Viper Phase 1: The Blue Javelin's debut is Viper Phase 1, along with it's red cousin, Judge Spear.

Raiden Fighters series: It also made a cameo, along with Judge Spear, in Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive and Raiden Fighters Jet. It's strength was the same as Judge Spear's, but had a different weapon set from the Judge Spear, and had slightly higher defense than Judge Spear.

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