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Blow of Hornet is the fifth boss from Raiden V. It is Valbarossa Hawkeye's signature weapon, but became corrupted when she put the stolen crystals onto it.


Phase IEdit

The boss fires a small amount of targeted shots at the player. Sometime after this, it starts spinning two turrets which launch projectiles everywhere.

Phase IIEdit

The boss changes form and increases the amount of projectiles fired at the player.

Phase IIIEdit

The boss changes form one final time. A large group of weak tanks will appear on both sides as soon as the phase starts. The boss creates a massive generator which launches a blast of energy down the middle of the screen. Occasionally it stops to recharge, but it is still not recommended to move near the middle.

Turrets on the side will continually spray projectiles in a hose-like fashion, while another set of turrets fires targeted shots at the player. This can make the attacks fairly hard to avoid as the player is already limited in space to evade its attacks.


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