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The Beast Arrow is the name of a ship that appears only in Raiden Fighters, but is replaced by the Beast Wing in the later games.


This plane is slow, a large target, and looks like a Lockheed P-38 Lightning on steroids. The Beast Arrow has a powerful Laser (which is the Pulse Beam) and Homing Missiles. Its Laser Charge Attack is one of the best; in full power, it can destroy medium sized planes with one blast, which can give tons of scores, and blows out a huge path of small enemies.


Raiden Fighters: The Beast Arrow only appears in the first Raiden Fighters game, which is seen with the Aegis IV and Devastator taking out a huge slew of fighters and bombs the huge fighter, which is seen in Stage 3 of Level 2.


  • The Beast Arrow is replaced by the Beast Wing in the later Raiden Fighters games. The Beast Wing is possibly an upgraded version of the Beast Arrow itself, or just a newer model.

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