The FT-00004A Azuma (アズマ Azuma) is heroine main protagonist one of the playable aircrafts in Raiden V. It's origin place is Japan, where it's Japanese military women main female pilot operator is the Japan Air Self-Defence Force.

Of all the three ship designs, the Azuma keeps the traditional design of the classic Raiden/Fighting Thunder ME-02. The word "Azuma" means Lightning bolt. Which is fairly similar to the name "Fighting Thunder".

Design Edit

An aircraft produced by a heavy industry corporation at the request of the Japanese Self-Defence Force. Azuma's purpose was not specified in the construction blueprints, the aircraft was built as an all purpose unit. As a result, it can be depended on to perform well in all areas of combat.

However, this versatility could also be considered its weakness. With no real specialization, the aircraft lags behind the foreign made Fighting Thunder in some areas. This aircraft, as with many Japanese models, primarily focuses on excellent maneuverability.

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