Aegis II-c
The Aegis II-c is a camouflage-colored variant of the Aegis IV, with different weapon plans. Occasionally, the Aegis II-c is the plane that sometimes joins you in the Allied Airport Stage (sometimes two even), fighting alongside you as a CPU, but can get gunned down, but if it survives, you get a 1,000,000 points.


The Aegis II-c is an all-around fighter like it's counterpart, the Aegis IV, average in everything, for firepower, to defense. The Aegis II-c's Enhanced Rapid-Fire Homing Rays are faster and are shot out more rapidly than the Aegis IV's, The Missile is shot out in a more rapid rate as well. But unlike the other standard ships, the Aegis II-c does not have a charged special, but the rapid firing weapons make up for that and don't even need to charge.


Raiden Fighters series: The Aegis II-c respectively appears first in Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive as a hidden fighter, but reappears in Raiden Fighters Jet as one of Aegis IV's altered colors.


  • Three Aegis II-c's appear in the military base, along with three Endeavors (which only appear in Raiden Fighters). The Aegis II-c's are later crushed and ran over by a tank (which you can prevent their destruction by gunning down the tank, or bombing it, as the bomb will not harm them). Their destruction is required to find a Miclus.

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