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The Aegis class of fighters is the main line of fighters in the Raiden Fighters series. The first game has the Aegis, with the designation GD-1. The second and third games has the Aegis IV, which the only difference is the color of its laser weapon and a gray-colored nose. The secret Aegis II-c appears only in Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive, and has different capabilities from the other fighters in its class.


The fighters in the Aegis class are well-balanced. Their Lasers are Homing Rays, and their Missile weapon is a group of simple Cruise Missiles that do an average amount of damage to enemies. The fighter class has no outstanding strengths and weaknesses, which makes this fighter class a great choice for beginners.

Ani RF1-Gameplay

The Aegis using its charged attack, gunning down a boss in the first Raiden Fighters.


Raiden Fighters series: This class of fighters is prominently showcased in the Raiden Fighters games' attract mode and title screens.

Trivia Edit

The GD designation stands for Gun Dogs, which was the original title for Raiden Fighters, then a totally unrelated series but from marketing tests Seibu Kaihatsu saw people took more notice if the title had Raiden in it.

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